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Sheila Lowe
31 Aug 2016

Web site was easy to use and as my 3 sons start here in September i was a little worried as did not know what school uniform was need or start date but was found easy and now my mind is settled now. Great website a lot of information witch I found very usefull.

Rating: Excellent

Rachel Smith
28 Aug 2015

Great site, informative. I have noticed though that is does need to be updated, especially the pta members. Overall very informative and easy to follow.

Rating: Excellent

Lynne Shave
10 Sep 2012

Just had a look at your fantastic website, it's great. Library Staff can now put names to faces with your Who's Who!

Rating: Excellent

Sam Lewis
10 Jun 2012

Love the website, great for term dates.

Rating: Excellent

Daisy Bozward
15 Mar 2012

Brilliant, great for information. Love the site.

Rating: Excellent

Sarah Day
14 Mar 2012

I think the new school website is great as I'm always loosing letters and forgetting things so now I can easily check the website for reminders and updates.

Rating: Excellent

Sue Girling
14 Mar 2012

What a super website - well done to everyone who helped to put it together.

Rating: Excellent

David Barnett
13 Mar 2012

Congratulations on a very good web site. Looking at all of the information contained within the site makes me very proud to be chair of governors of this very special school. To all the staff keep up the great work, and to all of the children I am very proud to see all of your achievements and good work.

Rating: Excellent

Joanne Ludlow
12 Mar 2012

I think this is fantastic!

Rating: Excellent

N Hemingway
12 Mar 2012

Great website, really informative and clear.

Rating: Excellent