Special Event - The Great Fairfield Balloon Race

15 February 2013

We held our very own Balloon race to raise money for the school.

Everybody was offered the opportunity to buy a balloon to enter our exciting race. Each balloon bought was assigned a number, and we will be waiting to see which numbered balloon has travelled the furthest!

We sold over 150 balloons, and the children loved releasing them into the sky! Who knows where the furthest balloon will travel?

A big thank you to everyone who supported the event by buying a balloon, and watching the release of the balloons. We will be announcing the winner soon. Good luck everybody!

Update: The furthest balloon recorded was that of Logon Smith, whose balloon was recorded reaching Selsey, in West Sussex, a massive 118 miles away!

Ready, steady, go!
And they're off!

Starting their voyage.
Just look at them go!