Special Event - The Big Schools' Birdwatch

28 January 2013

Year 4 organised for the whole school to take part in The Big Schools' Birdwatch on Monday 28th January. This is a national event organised by the RSPB annually and it encourages school children to develop an interest in the varied birdlife of Britain.

We learnt about the different types of birds we can see in our school grounds and then made feeders to encourage them to come in larger numbers.

We were then split into groups and were given a specific class to lead around the grounds and count the number of different species on the official RSPB recording sheets. We demonstrated to their fellow pupils the best ways to spot birds and taught them how to use binoculars to help them see birds close up without disturbing them.

Overall the day was very enjoyable and successful and there was a real buzz around the school. We even got into the Worcester News!

Look what I can see!
Identifying different birds.

Helping the Reception class.
The photograph used in the newspaper.