Special Event - Year 6 Trip to Bishops Wood

7 November 2012

Year 6 went to Bishops Wood for the day to help us with our learning question 'What can we do to promote sustainability?'

In the morning, we learnt all about sustainability and about the nature around us. We had a special scent party, where we created our own scents using nature, composed our own poems and thoughts about the nature around us and created a collage using all the colours around us.

After lunch, we focussed on recycling and waste. We learnt lots about the materials that can be recycled and how we can recycle more at school and at home. We completed fun relays involving products that could be recycled.

At the end of the day we created a picture using wood to show what we had learnt and what we remembered the most. It was a really fun and interesting day.

Learning why sustainability is so important.
Creating our picture using wood.

Sharing our woodland scent creations.
Feeding back on what we have learnt about recycling.