Special Event - Year 6 Visit The Commandery

27 April 2012

We visited The Commandery in Worcester to learn more about The Battle of Worcester and King Charles II.

We had an amazing time and learnt so much to help us with our learning question "Which Monarch has affected us the most?"

We learnt about Arms and Armour, and were able to hold pikes and real life muskets! We also learnt about the 'baggage train' reinacting what life was like in the army, and in particular being a surgeon. It was very gruesome, but very exciting! Next we took part in a Pike Drill, and the guide said we were the best school who have ever done it. Finally we worked in groups to fire a cannon.

Our behaviour was amazing throughout the day and had lots of compliments from all the staff. We can't wait to learn even more now!

Stand back!
We'll have to cut it off!

Standing to attention.
Loading a cannon.