Special Event - A Trip to London

13 November 2015

Friday 13th November was a very lucky day for ten of our children who went on an exciting trip to London with some of our friends from Hollymount Primary School.

Meeting at 7.00am, there was not a bleary eye in sight as we boarded the coach.

Reaching London at 11.30am we drove past Marble Arch and saw the wonderful lights and sights on Marylebone Street. At one point all the traffic was stopped by police for a very 'royal looking' horse drawn carriage and limousine….we didn't spot anyone though!

We were dropped off next to the River Thames, opposite the London Eye, and made our way through rather wet and windy weather to the Houses of Parliament. Once there, we were escorted around the building which has over 1,000 rooms! We were lucky enough to be shown the House of Commons chamber where the Queen opens Parliament, together with the Robing Room where Queen Elizabeth prepares for the ceremony. We then attended a workshop where we learnt about local, national and European Government and some of our children joined in the role play by acting as Members of Parliament.

By the time we left the Houses of Parliament the sun had come out and we had a lovely walk over Westminster Bridge to the London Eye. We went into the 4D experience which was great fun watching seagulls flying towards us and getting snowed on!

The London Eye was amazing as we watched all of the wonderful sights of London slowly emerging in front and beneath us. The children then went to spend their money in the souvenir shop.

Leaving London at 5.00pm, everyone reflected on what a busy and exciting day we had all had as we arrived back to school.