Special Event - Year 2 at the MAD Museum

25 September 2015

Year 2 had a fantastic time visiting the Mechanical Art and Design (MAD) Museum in Stratford on Wednesday 25th September.

We walked round the museum looking at the different inventions and were very excited to press the buttons and see how the machines worked. Some machines had levers which moved and made balls roll down, some had musical elements, and some even scared us! We also had fun completing activity packs as we explored the machines, and even designed our own inventions which we will get the chance to make soon.

Here are some of the quotes from our day out:

  • "It was the best day of my life ever!" – TJ
  • "I liked the clapping machine the best." – Vince
  • "It was marvellous and interesting." – Abi-May
  • "I liked it when the zombie hand popped out to scare us!" – Jayden
  • "It was great!" – Rahul