Special Event - Year 6 at the Morgan Car Factory

1 October 2012

We visited the Morgan Car Factory in Malvern to inspire us to create our own car designs.

Our learning question 'What can we achieve as a team?' so this trip gave us a perfect opportunity to see how the workers at the factory work together to create such amazing cars from hand.

We were able to learn about the history of the Morgan Car Factory and see some of the cars throughout the history of the factory. We were amazed by how amazing some of the cars were. Even more amazing was watching the process of how the cars are made step by step.

We learnt lots on this trip about working as a team and have lots of design ideas ready to make our own cars!

Admiring a classic.
We were amazed at how they create the iconic curve.

Seeing how the frames are created.
Learning about the history of The Morgan Car Factory.