Special Event - A Day at the Safari Park

12 March 2013

We went on an exciting and informative trip to The West Midland Safari Park. The aim of the trip was to find out information about the animals in order to create reports to give to the Park Ranger.

First, we went around the park in the bus looking at all the animals, we got really close to some of them! We saw lions, rhinos and zebras to name just a few!

Afterwards, we walked around the park looking at the different displays and learning lots about the different animals. We then had a session about animal's adaptations and habitats, in a special classroom, taught by some of the rangers. The rangers brought around different animals for us to stroke and hold. We touched a skunk, a cockroach, a snake and even a chinchilla.

Finally, we saw the Sea Lion show, we were blown away by all the amazing tricks it could do.

It was fascinating day and we learnt so much!

Feeding time!
We loved the penguins.

We learnt about animals' adaptations.
We had a great day at the Safari Park.