Special Event - Year 5 at the Think Tank

21 March 2013

Year 5 went to the Think Tank to help us answer our learning question 'Which job in the Galaxy Assistance Agency do you think you could do best?'

In the morning, we explored the exhibitions inside the museum including the Wildlife Gallery and We Made It. We absolutely loved the science garden, where we could explore different types of power, hoist ourselves up on pulley swings, and launch bottle rockets. We went to the 'Giant Screen' and watched a film about the junk that is floating around our planet. We had to wear funny glasses to see in 3D, and we felt very lucky as we had the whole cinema to ourselves.

After lunch, we looked at interesting old vehicles like a tram and steam engine. Then, we went into the planetarium, relaxed on the comfy seats and learnt all about the Earth and beyond.

We all had a fantastic fun day and learnt lots too!

Waching machinery in action.
Inside the steam engine.

Firing water jets in the Science Garden.
The human hamster wheel.