Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!

We’re a friendly hard working bunch that have had a superb start to the term as the new role models in school. We’re excited about the year ahead and got off to a flying start already.

There’s been a few new changes this year – we have a new teacher, Mr. Prigg, and Teaching Assistant Mr. Williams and after only a few weeks in we have attended the Kings School Quiz and represented the school on the first outing, had a roaring success on our residential at Condover and to top it all we’ve started going to the Gymnastics centre in Diglis once a week to learn some new skills!

In Year 6 we have a really exciting year ahead. We are launching this half term with our topic on Crime and Punishment – looking at the nitty gritty of what life was really like for you if you got into trouble in the Victorian era! We are linking this to our school theme, Once Upon a Time, through looking at fairy tales from an alternative viewpoints and putting different characters to trial on the stand - so far, we’re not totally convinced that all this bad press is fair on the poor wolf in ‘Little Red Riding Hood.’! We also have a murder mystery to solve in science amongst many other exciting learning experiences.

Keep looking out for more updates to follow!


Ordering decimals in groups.
Performing a story using actions and expression.

Performing in gymnastics.